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How To Build A Container Swimming Pool

A Shipping Container Swimming Pool

When you first suggested building a swimming pool out of a shipping container, did your better half give you a look that questioned your state of mind? Probably. Still, you probably heard that this option is a much less expensive way of getting that much desired water feature in your backyard, and it’s becoming quite commonplace, but, how do you even start a project like that?

Well, it isn’t a one day DIY undertaking, but with a little research, time, effort, and some advice from an engineering professional, you can build a pool in your backyard for a mere fraction of the cost of a conventional construction. Here are the most important considerations and steps you should take to complete this project.

Get a planning permission, and a green light from your insurance company.

Since this is a construction project, your local authorities need to be consulted about any restrictions you should adhere to, and whether the size and depth of the planned pool and decking is permissible under the area’s bylaws. You also need to get in touch with your home insurance provider to see how your policy works with a pool on the property.

Consult with an engineer about the capacity of the pool.

A shipping container’s walls are strong, but if the volume of water inside it is too heavy, they may not be strong enough to hold it. If you’re doing an in-ground pool, once you bury the container in the ground, there will also be pressure from outside. Someone with an engineering background will advise you what modifications, if any, should be done, for the container walls to safely contain the amount of water you’ll need for the size of the pool you want.

They will also help you decide on the depth of the pool. Shipping containers are usually 8 feet tall, and that depth may be too much for your family. If you want a shallower pool, you may need to cut the steel walls. If that’s the case, you will have cap off the borders to cover the sharp edges.

Make the shipping container extra watertight.

Shipping containers are made to be watertight from the outside, but not necessarily from the inside where the water will be. Most of the time the lining inside is plywood, so you’ll need to do some welding to close off seams and corners, and line the container with a durable pool liner.

Add pumps and filtration.

A filtration system keeps the pool clean, and your local pool supply store will advise you what system is best for you. You’ll also need to talk to them about the plumbing and intake pipes you’ll require, given your particular power and water supply and drainage.

After you install the pumps and the filtration system, the shipping container pool is ready to offer your family hours of summer fun. So, that quizzical look your better half gave you when you mentioned converting a shipping container into a family pool was totally undeserved, right?

The best advantage of using a shipping container is that the pool construction comes to you pretty much ready to go. A watertight shell the size of a regular pool is delivered to your property by a shipping container company. After a few modifications and a couple of additions, it’s transformed into a great pool for family and friends, for considerably less than the cost of building it from scratch.

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