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How to Keep Your Shipping Container Nice and Cool This Summer

A shipping container for rent is an excellent option for temporary storage, pop-up retail spaces, living units, and other short-term projects. The built-in customizability ensures that you can easily cater any rented container to your specific needs, providing both flexibility and personalization. 

How to keep your shipping container nice and cool this Summer

However, while the steel walls offer a chic appearance, they tend to heat up quickly in the sun. Unless the shipping container you choose is specifically designed for refrigeration, the external conditions will impact the internal temperature. 

Controlling the temperature of your unit is thus important to maintain a comfortable environment inside. To keep your shipping container cool this summer, you must plan ahead and prepare for the warmer weather. 

The following guide will provide some helpful tips and tricks to consider before selecting a shipping container for rent.

How hot can a shipping container get during the summer months?

Although you may not realize it, a shipping container can reach temperatures over 40 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit). The exact temperature your container could reach depends on several factors, including the material used on the walls, external conditions, and paint colour. 

Common colours include:

  • Brown

  • Maroon

  • Blue

  • Green

  • Red

  • White

  • Gray

When selecting a shipping container for rent, it’s essential to be strategic. Darker paint colours—such as navy blue, black, or maroon—will likely attract more heat, while lighter ones will allow it to remain cooler. If the option is available, it may be helpful to request a container that was coated with reflective paint, designed to repel the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them. 

Secure Container Solutions provides the most comprehensive storage solutions for both residential and commercial clients. Our units can be modified and customized at an unbeatable price guarantee.

What should you do if your shipping container overheats?

There are several solutions to consider when a shipping container gets too warm. Taking preventative measures is the first step for keeping your unit cool during the summer months.

Coating the exterior with a lighter-coloured paint will minimize how much sunlight the container absorbs. If you don’t have control over the paint colour, consider installing insulation to reduce heat retention. Straw bales are a convenient and aesthetic option for preventing unwanted heat from entering your container. 

You can also install an air conditioner or dehumidifier to give you more control over the internal temperature of the unit. Similar to a home or office space, the size of your shipping container for rent directly impacts how efficient these tools will be. 

Modified shipping containers are an ideal solution for remaining cool during the summer because they allow you to customize standard units to fit your needs. 

Our team of qualified creative engineers will work with you to ensure that your storage needs are being met, no matter the size of your project. We have every type of shipping container available for rent. The containers can be used as vendor kiosks, shipping heavy materials, additional storage, mobile office spaces, etc.

What other temperature control tactics are available for shipping containers?

Among the most frequently recommended solutions to cool down your shipping container for rent, there are several other steps you can take. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Taking advantage of shaded areas to reduce sun exposure.

  • Utilizing cat litter or sand to help absorb additional moisture, thus reducing humidity.

  • Installing cross-ventilation windows.

  • Installing extractor fans to purge hot air.

  • Strategically arranging items to increase airflow inside the container.

  • Monitoring the interior humidity with a temperature gun or moisture meter.

  • Setting the shipping container on a raised platform, such as pressure-treated blocks, to help increase airflow underneath.

  • Ensuring the air vents remain unblocked at all times.

At Secure Container Solutions, we have converted shipping containers from transport tools into reliable storage spaces. We are committed to providing the most comprehensive solutions for your storage or modification needs.

How do you prevent a shipping container from sweating?

Sweating is a common occurrence in shipping containers and occurs when a temperature increase causes the moisture content to rise. This built-up moisture then turns into condensation, typically dripping back onto the items inside. If you do not address this issue once it begins, it can significantly damage the items and container itself. 

Dehumidifying the shipping container for rent is the best tactic for preventing sweating. In addition to installing a dehumidifier inside, you can also consider using products such as thermal liners, absorbent pads, and desiccant bags to help reduce moisture. 

With 25 years of combined experience in the industry, our team of experts understands the temperature extremes that shipping containers can face, especially during the summer months. We can modify your container by adding more ventilation or even air conditioning, depending on the specific intended use.

Can shipping containers stay cool on their own?

By default, shipping containers for rent naturally conduct both light and heat, often in large amounts. As a result, your shipping container is not capable of remaining cool and temperature controlled without making some adjustments first.

Protecting the space against unwanted heat is, therefore, the only way to guarantee that your container and its contents stay cool during the summer months.

Where to Get a Shipping Container for Rent

By following these tips, you can expect your shipping container to stay cool throughout the summer. As your go-to provider of shipping containers for rent, we provide the on-site storage you need with a reliable and secure shipping container. 

Each of our units is carefully inspected and rated for secure and weatherproof storage, as well as for ground-level access. Your shipping container for rent is guaranteed to be the most reliable in the market—the key to damage-proof storage and the long-term value and quality of your most important assets. 

If you are looking to rent a shipping container or want to consult one of our storage solution experts, call Secure Container Solutions at 647-560-2745 or contact us online.

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