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How To Organize A Fun Party In A Shipping Container

Party In A Shipping Container
Here’s thinking out of the box for you – and we mean, literally out of the box! Hosting parties and other social events in a shipping container. These rugged and secure multi-use enclosure solutions can be easily modified into a party space. Using a shipping container for all your bashes will not only save your elegant home from party revellers’ accidental damage, it is sure to impress your friends and neighbours with your innovative approach to entertaining.

A Party Place for All Sizes and Seasons

If you have an ample backyard, you can get a shipping container with 40 sq. ft. of space, complete with ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and a music system. That’s enough room for not only an eating and drinking venue but also for some bopping and hopping to hip-hop, pop, or disco!

A shipping container is so convenient in colder seasons as a party venue – nicely heated, it provides welcoming warmth to guests, but protects your lovingly maintained house from all that winter slush and dirt being trudged in by so many pairs of shoes!

In the summer, your guests can easily spill out into the gardens and the backyard, and dance and party wherever they like! And there is no need to worry about the possibility of rain to ruin a barbeque party. If Mother Nature is misbehaving on your big day, your guests can quickly take the party inside.

Take the Party Space to a Special Place

If your backyard is not big enough, and you have a special occasion coming up, consider shipping a container to a place with some awesome views, or great natural surroundings such as a beach – and make it a weekend party to remember. You can have a container shipped all ready with food, sound system, portable furniture, plastic dishes and utensils – in a word, all the party paraphernalia you need.

Always Ready to Party?

If you’re a party animal, you can get a ready-to-party shipping container. Shipping containers can be modified and converted into almost any living space – it’s just a matter of giving your particular specifications to the shipping container company’s modification team. What’s on your list? A mini-bar? A kitchenette? A sound system? A huge TV for sports parties? Anything and everything is possible.

When the container arrives, it’s only a one-time effort to equip it with whatever is needed for a party. You could get some funky furniture with that party vibe that probably would not fit with the decor of your family home, to create a more fun atmosphere.

The great thing about using shipping containers for a party, is that when the event is over, you can just cleanup that single space, close the door and keep everything ready for the next event. And when that time comes, the space is ready to hop – lickety split!

A shipping container is such a unique way to host parties and events. Your guests don’t have to worry about spilling wine and food in your beautiful and expensively decorated home. They can relax and enjoy the space designated especially for partying, and take advantage of the easy access to outside. If you do decide to go this route, be warned – be ready for requests to use the space from your friends and neighbours, they’ll want to hold their own special celebrations in your shipping container!

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