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How To Properly Care For Your Storage Container

Storage Container Maintenance

Just about anything can be kept in a storage container. From household items during renovations, auto parts and tools, and landscaping and farming equipment to commercial supplies and inventory and construction materials.

Steel containers are very hardy and require relatively little maintenance. However, if you are keeping a container for an extended period of time, there are ways to maintain it in tip-top condition so they can store and protect your valuable goods properly for as long as it’s needed.

First And Foremost: Keep It Even-Levelled!

Make sure that the site you choose for your container is level and the ground is tightly packed. This is very important. Uneven ground for the container could result in the unit becoming lopsided, and you will have problems with opening and closing the doors.

If you are unable to level out the site, you can place concrete blocks under the corners of the container (the container sits on its corners — the floor on the underside does not touch the ground). You don’t have to use concrete blocks — you can also use solid wood or metal, but avoid patio slabs, which tend to break when the container is placed on them.

A site with tightly packed soil is less likely to get muddy and loose and tip the container one way or the other. And make sure that the materials are evenly distributed throughout the container. Loading up much more on one end could result in the container becoming un-levelled because all the weight is dragging it down in one area.

Keep It Dry

It’s important to keep the container damp-free. The container will have vents punched into the wall to enable good airflow and protect against condensation, but you should also be vigilant about keeping it watertight.

Ensure that whatever you’re storing in the container is dry. Placing damp goods in the container can cause condensation. And when loading your materials, leave some space around the sides and the roof to enable airflow.

You can also buy Absorpoles, which are basically packs of calcium chloride crystals that absorb condensation. They can be placed inside the corrugation on the interior side walls, but need to be replaced from time to time.

And don’t forget to air out the container from time to time!

Look Out For Rust

Storage containers are made of Corten weathering steel, which does have pretty good resistance to corrosion, but if exposed to weather over a long haul, it may be subject to some rusting. Check for leak areas. Most of the time it will just be surface rust, which is not a problem. If you spot a serious rust area, use a rust remover, prime and paint.

Keep Your Doors And Locks In Working Order

Keep your door hinges and locking bars dirt and rust free. Any commercial-grade cleaner will remove the grit. And to keep your doors working properly, lubricate the door hinges with lubricating sprays such as WD-40.

A little maintenance on your container done on a regular basis will go a long way. Making sure the container remains level, checking for leaks and rust spots and performing minor repairs as soon as the problems are spotted, will ensure that your container stays in great shape and protects your goods for a long time!

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