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How To Properly Store School Supplies In A Shipping Container

Shipping Container School Supplies Storage

Like many schools across Canada, your school is probably bursting at the seams, trying to accommodate hundreds or thousands of students with limited resources. Space is most likely at a premium, and proper storage is a frequent issue. One cost-effective way to deal with this problem is to free up some space inside the building by using a shipping container for storing school supplies.

Just the basic standard shipping containers are an effective and convenient storage solution, but if you’re concerned about storing valuable school equipment such as computers and tablets or perishable items such as books, files and documents, you can request specific container modifications that will put your mind at ease about the safety and preservation of these materials.

Efficient Shelving Systems

What is one of the most important features of a storage place? A good shelving system! Your shipping container can easily be modified with the type of shelving system you require, and delivered to your school property with this already in place.

Shelves can be placed right down the entire side of the container for optimal storage of books, resource materials, art supplies, documents and files, computers and tablets. Off the floor, they leave ample space for larger equipment such as desks, chairs, lab equipment, and athletic equipment on the base of the container.

Proper Climate and Visibility

Heating, ventilation, insulation and air conditioning in a shipping container are also available options. Proper atmospheric conditions inside of the container will ensure the preservation of climate-sensitive materials.

For more visibility and easier tracking of your school’s materials inside the container you can request the addition of lights and outlets or even data or phone lines. The wiring is usually installed in surface mounted conduits or behind the walls. For natural light, windows or skylights are a surprisingly inexpensive addition.

Waterproof Floors

The floor of a shipping container is typically comprised of 1-1/8” thick marine plywood, so it may already be good enough for storage of your school’s materials. You also have the option of requesting a steel overlay, vinyl flooring or installing a Rhino Liner™ type coating which will waterproof the floor of your container even more.

Access, Safety and Security

A standard container comes ready with cargo doors on one end, which are already very functional. You can add an additional point of entry to make accessing your supplies easier. If you’re concerned about the safety of the materials inside of the container, you’ll be happy to know they can be equipped with various locking mechanisms that will prevent any break-ins or vandalism. This is especially useful during the summer months when the school property is unattended.

With all these modifications available, a shipping container will not only be a safe and convenient storage addition to your school, but may even function as another office or even additional classroom space! Modification options are many with as versatile a structure as a shipping container. It could just be the answer to the issue of space in your school, as it’s cost-effective and will not put a dent in your already overstretched school budget.

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