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Keep Your Shipping Container Safe and Secure With These 8 Lock Options

If you rent or own a shipping container, then protecting the contents from theft or vandalism should be a main priority. Shipping containers in Toronto are used for various purposes, from building a shipping container home to storing prized possessions.

Best lock options to keep your shipping container safe and secure

Even though shipping containers are made out of sturdy steel and metal, you might think they are unbreakable. However, shipping containers are primary targets for thieves because their doors are often vulnerable to break-ins.

To keep your shipping container protected and safe from being burglarized, it’s important to lock it always and add additional security measures. Let’s take a closer look at 8 lock options you can use to keep your shipping container safe and secure.

1. Padlocks

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to lock your storage container, then a padlock can do the job. Conventional padlocks are on the market for different security purposes. A typical padlock comes in a U-shape with a basic key-and-lock configuration. If you want something that’s more secure, then use a padlock with a round shackle.

If your shipping container comes with a roll-up door, then we recommend purchasing a high-end shudder shackle padlock. They are sturdier than a U-shape or round shackle padlock and more tamper-resistant.

2. Lockboxes

If you choose a padlock to protect your shipping container, it’s a good idea to add a lockbox for an extra layer of security. Lockboxes are steel boxes that cover a padlock or shackle lock and deter thieves from trying to break into your shipping container.

For instance, if a thief tries to destroy the lockbox, they will have a difficult time breaking the padlock that is being protected by the lockbox. This is because lockboxes are big enough to fit a padlock inside, but they are small enough to prevent thieves from cutting or picking the lock on your padlock.

Once a thief realizes they cannot cut or break the padlock, they will have wasted too much time trying to attempt the break-in and will likely give up.

The only drawback that commercial lockboxes have is they limit the size of the padlock. However, there is the option of getting a customized lockbox made to fit a particular padlock.

Once you get a standard size or custom lockbox, you can easily install it by bolting or welding it on your shipping container’s door.

3. Crossbar locks

Crossbar locks provide extra security, as they are made out of tubular steel and extend across the shipping container’s door.

The installation of crossbar locks can be done yourself. They usually attach onto the locking rod or the handle of your storage container door.

Typical crossbar locks are secured with a key lock mechanism. Once it is locked with a key, the shipping container door is secured, thus making it impossible for someone to get through the door and inside your container.

4. Electronic locks

Similar to padlocks, electronic locks are inexpensive and easy to use.

If you share your storage container with other members of your family or company, then getting an electronic lock over a padlock is more convenient, as it eliminates the usage of multiple keys.

Sometimes, keys get lost and if multiple people are accessing your storage container, then keeping track of who has a key to a padlock might get confusing.

Getting an electronic lock eliminates the worries of carrying multiple keys. Electronic locks rely on combination codes that can be given to those trusted individuals who need to get into your container.

5. Hidden shackle padlocks

If you want to take it up a notch, a hidden shackle padlock deters a thief due to its complicated structure.

Hidden shackle padlocks contain steel balls between the shackle and the body, which makes it impossible for a thief with break-in tools such as lock picks and bolt cutters to destroy the lock. However, unlike padlocks and crossbar locks that are easy to install, you will need to do some installation work with hidden shackle padlocks.

6. Lockboxes for rolling doors

If your storage container has a rolling door, there are various lockboxes to choose from.

The most common lockbox for a rolling door is made with traditional hasps to secure padlocks in. If you don’t want to manually lock it, there are lockbox models that are designed to automatically lock the rolling door when you close it.

7. Truck seals

The cheapest method of locking your shipping container’s door are truck seals.

Traditional truck seals are similar to plastic tags or zip ties and are recommended when your container is located in a secure environment because they are very easy to cut.

The majority of time, truck seals aren’t the most reliable locking solution for containers, as they are largely used to prevent shipping container doors from opening unexpectedly. However, if you opt for using truck seals, there are sturdier models that are manufactured with thick metal bolts.

8. Alarm Security System

If manual locks aren’t your thing and you’re storing very valuable possessions in your container, then you can install an alarm system inside your shipping container and place a warning sign outside of it to warn potential thieves.

Along with an alarm system, installing live-monitoring security cameras outside and inside of your storage container can give you peace of mind.

Security cameras can transmit real-time footage to your cellular phone, and you can record footage from the security cameras and use it to file an insurance claim if a break-in occurs.

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These 8 options for securing your shipping container—padlocks, lockboxes, crossbar locks, electronic locks, hidden shackle padlocks, lockboxes for rolling doors, truck seals, and alarm security system—are all effective in protecting your container from being burgled.

At Secure Container Solutions, we have a variety of storage containers in Toronto for rent or for sale. For more information on how to securely lock your shipping container to prevent theft or vandalism, call Secure Container Solutions at 416-817-3216 or contact us here.

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