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How Overnight Shipping Works

One of the common themes of the modern age is speed. People, especially people in the West, expect life to happen in an instant. If we order something online, we expect the order to be packaged and shipped before we’ve even closed the browser window. Thanks to e-commerce and to constantly streamlining shipping and handling practices, the above exaggeration is not that far from the truth. In fact, you virtually order something online and get it shipped to you overnight, no problem. Below is how overnight shipping works to bring goods from warehouse to your front door, in no time at all.

 Overnight Shipping Explained

The order is placed

When you place an order online and order overnight shipping, the warehouse receives the order and immediately begins packaging and readying the shipment to leave that same day. A number of people handle the package, the location is marked onto the packaging, and the company either uses their own shipping company, or hires a third party to begin transporting the goods that same day in order to meet delivery deadlines for the next day.


Because overnight shipping is considered highly urgent, there is often a premium cost associated with this kind of shipping. You can purchase overnight shipping from a company, but be prepared for pay for the speed at which the package arrives. If a product is being shipped overnight internationally, it can be quite expensive. If the product is being shipped from elsewhere in the country or even elsewhere locally, there is typically still a premium, but it is not as high.

Priority indication

Most companies take a lot of pride in having their goods arrive to their customers on time and in tact. They will take extreme measures to ensure that this happens as often as possible. When someone places an overnight order however, companies kick into high gear and dedicate special effort and attention to making sure something arrives overnight. They know that their customers are paying for the expediency and the convenience of having something shipped right away so that it arrives to them the next day. When warehouse workers understand that something is destined for overnight shipping, they are instructed to pay special attention to making sure that it gets out on time and to the right location. A company that is unable to uphold its overnight shipping promises may quickly find itself outcompeted by a company that can.

Overnight shipping is one of the marvels of modern industry and commerce. A hundred years ago, people would have never dreamed of being able to order something and have it arrive the following day, especially if it was coming from the other side of the country (even the world).

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