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Sell Your Home Fast With These Tips

There is often more stress involved in selling a home than buying one. It’s no secret that the sales process can be difficult and that the terms of agreement and the sale itself are incredibly important.

How can you fast sell your home?

Due to too many highs and lows, sellers often feel like they’re on an emotional rollercoaster that goes on forever. Many great resources, tips, and tricks are available for those looking to sell a home quickly.

You may not know that self-storage can provide an easier way to relieve some of the stress of selling your home by enabling you to organise for the sale, during showings and open houses, and even during moving into your new home?

Here are six ways in which self-storage may help you sell your house:

1. Home staging

Nowadays, home staging is a standard part of the home selling process. Many realtors will stage your home for free if you decide to list with them.

There are typically two components to staging:

  • Remove personal belongings from the home so potential buyers can imagine themselves living in it.
  • Decorate with neutral colours and sleek furnishings such as large mirrors (to create the illusion of a larger space), glass tables (to enhance the space’s appearance), and inviting pillows (because, of course, nobody can resist a good pillow).

What do you do with your personal belongings during the staging process for selling your house? Store them in a self-storage unit! When you rent a month-to-month agreement, you have the flexibility of moving your possessions in and out whenever you like.

2. Cleaning and sanitising your home

It’s essential that your house shines, smells clean, and looks beautiful when you’re trying to sell it. If you are selling at the right time of year, the hockey equipment, the snowboard, and skis, as well as the fishing gear your husband owns and the family’s kayaks, will all need a place to be stored safely.

Your home does not contain that space. Garages are great places to store these. However, garages are often used as storage areas for anything that doesn’t fit inside a home. In addition, garages are usually part of a house showing, so you want them to look their very best.

The ideal solution for storing items locally would be to rent one from a self-storage facility since not everyone can prepare fresh cookies for every open house or showing.

3. Prospective buyers see the whole house before making a decision

Your home has some rooms that aren’t used regularly as living spaces or visited very often, resulting in them becoming messy and disorganised quickly. Basements and attics are most common among these rooms.

It is natural for potential buyers to walk through the whole house when they enter your home. Make sure each room of your home is organised and decluttered before listing it for sale! Yes, it’s hard, and we all deal with “stuff” from time to time. But that’s the price we pay for living a normal and active life. Always remember that the buyer isn’t buying your “stuff.” Rather, they are purchasing the home and making it their own.

Having extra space to store your belongings so that your house looks its best is as easy as renting a self-storage unit.

4. External factors matter

Buyers automatically judge your home’s curb appeal when they approach it from the street. In addition, they consider this when looking at the house from the exterior.

  • Is it welcoming and inviting?
  • What kind of appearance does it have? Is it well-maintained and clean?
  • Is this something I want to come back to every day?
  • Would I be comfortable relaxing in this backyard? Does it feel inviting for our guests?
  • Is there a lot of work to be done, and what will it cost?

Just as important as keeping your home clean and decluttered is keeping your front and back yards clean. There is no shortage of children’s toys and playground equipment to store, but it is necessary to find a temporary home for the old BBQ that runs well, but not very well, your excess tools and equipment, and any outdoor furniture you only need when you have people over. Self-storage is your temporary home!

Using self-storage during the selling process can help you sell your home faster (and for more money).

5. Getting ready for real estate photography or videography requires decluttering your house

Showcasing homes with amazing photos or videos is essential. For buyers to get a good idea of the homes they are interested in, sellers or realtors need to offer photos or 360° walkaround videos of their homes’ exteriors and interiors. The sellers should declutter and organise their homes by putting non-essential items in storage to take their homes’ best photos and videos. You can store items you do not want to show in photos and videos if you use home decor or staging your home. As a result, your home will look better and be more likely to sell.

6. Make sure your belongings are protected

Renting a storage unit during an open house is a great way to store your valuables temporarily. You can most likely fit most of your needs in a 5 x 5 feet storage unit.

7. Keeping goods at the home of a friend or family member

Keeping some of your things at someone else’s house while yours is on the market may be a budget-friendly option. Most likely, someone you know has a few boxes that can be stored temporarily. It may not be the optimal solution if you need to keep a lot of furniture.

8. Storage based on peer-to-peer

Peer-to-peer storage is a new option in the storage industry if you do not have a friend or family member who has space to share. Homeowners with space, such as a garage or basement, can rent out their storage for a fee. To find peer-to-peer storage in your area, search online for local peer-to-peer storage websites.

We hope these tips will help you with preparing your house for selling. When the time comes to move, Secure Container Solutions offers a convenient shipping container rental service that can help make your move go as smoothly as possible.

For more information about shipping container rental, contact Secure Container Solutions at 647-560-2745 or contact us here.

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