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Shipping Containers Get In On The Tiny House Trend

The tiny home trend has been years in the making, and is now properly taking off. People desire and opt for simpler lifestyles. They want to downsize, make more sustainable housing choices, reduce their bills, and prioritize for greater mobility. Tiny homes can be built with tons of different materials. Many building tiny homes enjoy using reclaimed materials to build theirs. One very popular reclaimed material to build a tiny home with is a shipping container.

Shipping Containers Get In On The Tiny House Trend

One reason the shipping container has become so popular for tiny house enthusiasts is that they are ready-made and fairly inexpensive to obtain. They are also stackable, making a two-story tiny house an easy possibility. Making a tiny home out of a storage container can also save you a lot of time, compared to building from scratch. The walls, roof and base floor are already there!

Another benefit to using a storage container is their durability. They simply had to be weather-resistant and completely watertight in order to carry goods across the country! They are made to withstand almost anything. Furthermore, they afford tight home security, as breaking into one is a very difficult feat.

There are some considerations to make building a home with a shipping container. If you want to incorporate many windows or doors, the structural integrity of the container must be maintained. In fact, designing the interior of your home before building is imperative. Since shipping containers are narrow, details like room door locations and how they’d swing must be considered. The type of windows to use is also very important. Large French doors may be ideal because they offer a lot of light while an entrance and exit to the home.

Since shipping containers are metal, they can get pretty hot inside. Excessive heat can be countered by proper insulation, as well as good ventilation and location. Designing how wastewater flows out of your home is important as well. Will you hook into city water? Will you use a composting toilet? A septic tank? All of these considerations can dramatically impact the design of your tiny home.

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