Storage Containers for Sale in Georgetown

Storage Containers Georgetown

Households and businesses across Georgetown are making smarter and greener decisions when it comes to finding strong, sustainable, and cost effective solutions for short-term, long-term, or permanent storage.

At Secure Container Solutions, we provide an assortment of sea containers that serve a range of purposes for households and businesses, from storage and living quarters, to mobile offices and pop-up retail kiosks. Our containers are just that versatile.

We Deliver Exactly Where You Need It

One of the things that sets us apart from our competitors is our ability to meet all our clients’ needs in totality. This means that we not only help you get the right size of sea can for your needs, but also modify it for your exact needs while working within the limits of your budget. In addition, we deliver your sea can right to a place of your choosing, so you can conveniently load it at that location and then get it moved when you’re ready.

We take pride in our ability to provide easy, convenient, and secure ground-level access. Depending on your storage needs, you can choose to keep your storage container at the site, or you can ask us to move the stored goods to a different location.

Our rental sea containers are perfect for homes, businesses, and industries. Whether you are remodelling your home, storing seasonal items, or moving your business equipment and inventory, SCS provides the most secure, affordable, and flexible storage solution, with options for short-term and long-term rental, as well as purchase.

  • We deliver – Your standard or modified rental container is delivered to your door at your convenience.
  • You load – We leave the container at your site so you can load it at your pace. Your valuables are secure, owing to the sturdy, all-steel, weatherproof design and high-security locking mechanism.
  • We relocate – If you don’t want the container to keep sitting at its current spot, we can move it to another site of your choosing. We relocate the loaded container so it’s not a hassle for you.
  • We pick it up – When you no longer need the container, just call us, and we will bring it back to our facility.

The Green Storage Company

Thousands of used storage containers are melted and recycled into new steel every year, due to a range of economic factors including North America’s current trade imbalance with Asia, the high cost for scrap metal, and ocean-going insurance requirements, among others. By reusing one container, as opposed to recycling it, you save about 8,000 KWh of energy, which is about the usage of electricity in a typical home for six months. You also save several trees worth of wood by using an SCS container.

Our goal at SCS is to provide the people of Georgetown with the best quality new and used sea cans. To do that, we have our own team of surveyors who inspect every sea container as it arrives at our facilities, and again as it leaves for your home, premises, or site. Contact our office in Georgetown today and our team will process your buy, rent, modification, and delivery request fast, so you can get your project going sooner rather than later.