Shipping Containers Windsor

In operation since 2007, Secured Container Solutions provides steel ISO shipping containers for purchase, rental and modification. We are the leading storage provider for commercial and residential customers across Canada and combined, our staff has 25 years experience in the industry. If you’re looking for a comprehensive storage solution for your Windsor-based business or a safe place to keep your valuables while your home is being renovated, we have the ideal container for your needs.

Our Units, Your Vision

Our team of container engineers and creative consultants will help you maximize your unit and get the most out of the space. On hand, we keep a constant stock of every size container available in the industry so you’ll always find what you’re looking for. Furthermore, our containers can be customized to suit any project no matter the scope.

Our units have been transformed into churches, mobile offices, water treatment enclosures, laboratories, tool cribs, fire and police training complexes, electrical control rooms, military applications and tire storage spaces. Our units can be used to store household items during renovations, staging or moving. They can house excess commercial supplies, inventory and office records, farming or agricultural equipment, automotive parts, emergency preparedness equipment, tools and supplies of any kind, mining equipment and machinery. Whatever your vision is for your container, we’ll make it a reality.

Convenient, Easy and Secure

Secure Container Solutions provides our residential and commercial clients with clean, well maintained units that are protected with high security lockboxes. Our containers are also built to stand up to inclement weather like snow, rain and heavy winds so no matter what’s going on outside, your assets will stay safe and dry inside.

With easy, convenient ground level access to your unit at all times, you won’t need to purchase a ladder or outfit the container with stairs. We also have an operations facility in Toronto from which we offer hassle-free delivery. We’ll bring your container to you, no matter where in Windsor your business or home is located.

The Preferred Canadian Container Supplier

We are a green company that is doing our part to help divert thousands of tonnes of annual waste by reducing our output, recycling and reusing materials. We work with and use steel ISO shipping containers because they are durable and perfect for customization. Any cost-savings we obtain we pass directly on to you through our unbeatable price guarantee. This facet along with our commitment to being green makes us the preferred supplier of secure container units for homeowners and businesses across the country.

Rent or buy one of our secure container units and we’ll deliver it right to your Windsor door! With one of our secure containers you can see your vision become a mobile office for your construction business, a tire and parts storage space for your auto shop, a training centre for your special forces, unit or even a safe place to keep family heirlooms. Contact Secure Storage Solutions today and finally get the space you need.