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The Advantages Of Having Storage Containers When You Sell Your House

Storage Container Advantages

That monumental task of selling your house and moving is one of those situations that call for an all hands on deck approach. You need all the help you can get! Hiring a savvy realtor is a good start, but even a great realtor might not be able to sell your house for the top dollar you want, if the house is not presented in the best possible light.

Here’s how storage containers can be part of your all hands on deck approach, rounding off your winning house-selling team:

Declutter aid

Cardinal rule number one in getting the house ready for sale is a thorough de-clutter — or as sellers prefer to call it, a “de-personalization.” Your family’s stuff all over the house makes the space seem smaller and confining, and renders prospective buyers unable to envision their own stuff in it. But the good news is, you don’t have to actually throw out your cherished mementos, souvenirs from all your travels, or that well-worn Lazy-chair you’ve loved lounging in for 20 years. Portable storage containers can get these treasured items out of your home and into a storage facility or into your new home. These mobile containers can be dropped off at your house so you can fill them with whatever you want and ship them safely wherever you wish.

Decorating assistance

If you have time, some funds and the energy, it’s always advisable to give your house a little TLC in the way of minor renovations and painting before it starts being shown. You may have lived with some structural or cosmetic imperfections just fine, but to a prospective buyer these will stand out like an eye-sore. Here again, storage containers can help out by holding your renovation materials and debris, and by keeping your furniture and belongings protected and out of the way during a renovation.

If you’ve loved your furniture and décor for a very long time, don’t be surprised if your realtor suggests some home staging to give the interior of your home a more updated look buyers look for, by renting furnishings. But, you don’t have to part with the pieces you still love — simply move them to a storage container for safe keeping until the house sells.

Deal closer

Storage containers will not only help you make the house look just right for prospective buyers, they can also help in negotiations — really! One of the stumbling blocks in closing a deal on a house is the move-in date. With storage containers, you can be very flexible when it comes to this agreement condition. With many of your belongings already packed in preparation for showings, there is no need to spend more time to arrange for movers and packing, and you can offer your buyers almost any move-in date they need.

Congratulations! You’ve sold the house. But, as they say, no rest for the weary. There is still that turmoil of packing and moving awaiting you. A mobile container will also make this process easier. You can pack and store the boxes in the containers, so they are out of the way and the house is not the topsy-turvy, chaotic mess it usually is during packing. And, once they are filled, you can have them shipped to your new home. Easy peasy…well, except for the actual packing!

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