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The Pros and Cons of Buying vs. Renting a Shipping Container

What are the pros and cons of renting versus buying shipping containers? The comparison usually comes down to how you plan on using the container and how much money you spend. Purchasing a shipping container is an excellent option if you need modifications done. Monthly payment options can help your make the purchase if you cannot afford a large upfront cost.

Pros and cons of buying vs.renting a shipping container

The Benefits of Purchasing a Shipping Container


Create a container that meets your specific needs. Modification options are unlimited when you buy shipping containers rather than renting. Shipping containers are highly customizable, with the only limit being costs and your imagination. You could create a pop-up shop, an emergency shelter, or an office for yourself.

Are you interested in finding out how to create a pop-up shop, home office or emergency shelter in a shipping container? Keep reading!

Resale Value

If you decide to buy a shipping container, you should consider the possibility of reselling the container once you are no longer using it. In addition to having a long shelf life, sea-worthy storage containers are built to withstand harsh elements. This durability means that if you purchase a shipping container, can likely sell it for a decent return in the future.

More Container Options Available

Is your shipping container being used for anything specific? It is crucial to answer this question before renting or buying a container. The type and size of shipping containers you can use when renting a shipping container are limited.

You can choose between many sizes and types of containers when purchasing one. Here are some types you can choose:

  • Dry storage containers
  • Containers that are insulated and thermal
  • Containers with flat racks
  • Containers with double doors
  • Containers with open sides
  • Half-height containers
  • Containers with a high cubic capacity

Cons of Owning a Shipping Container


To maintain a shipping container properly, it needs to be serviced on a semi-annual basis. No worries! It is not difficult. Follow these five tips to maintain a shipping container.

  • Make sure it gets a good pressure wash
  • Ensure that it is level
  • Modifications should be checked
  • Check the hinges and doors
  • Roofs should be checked for dents and water accumulation

Transporting The Container

It is your responsibility to ensure that your container is transported to your desired destination if it needs to be moved. The cost of transporting a container will be an extra cost if you do not have a suitable vehicle that can be used to transport the container.

Creating a budget

Renting a container involves monthly fees while buying one is a one-time expense. If you cannot purchase a container upfront, you can choose to pay for it in monthly installments, however, you will need to budget and account for this additional expense which can be quite a hassle and hard on your finances.

The Pros of Renting A Shipping Container

Lower Up-Front Costs

Instead of forking over a lot of money to buy the shipping container, you can simply rent it at a fraction of the price. Not only is this less of a burden on your finances, but it provides flexibility as you don’t have to worry about getting rid of it in the future, especially if you only minted to use it for a short period of time.

Transporting Your Container

When you rent a container, transporting your container is an easy process, so if you’re going to have to transport your container frequently and don’t have the right vehicles, renting a container might be an ideal solution.

There is no maintenance required.

You don’t need to worry about maintenance if you rent a container! Renting your container can be a good option if you don’t want the hassle of maintaining it.

Cons to Renting a Shipping Container

Modifications Not Required

What should you choose between buying or renting a storage container? Think about the purpose of the container. Unless you rent an office container, a container does not require modification. It is not good to rent a container if you need changes.


Renting a shipping container will require you to pay a monthly fee, which cannot be refunded. If you have already purchased a container, you may be able to recoup a part of the upfront investment by reselling it later.

Limited options

If you are renting or buying a shipping container, you will usually need to know the sizes and types of containers that the shipping container company offers. Rental containers have much fewer sizes and types to choose from than those that you buy. This can make it harder to find the right container for your exact needs.

There is a lot to consider when comparing whether to buy or rent a shipping container. What are your plans for your container? If you have the space, will you use it for moving or a short renovation, or will you use it to build an office or pop-up store? Are you more comfortable paying monthly to rent a container, or do you have enough money to buy a container? Depending on the size and type of shipping container you need, there are various options available for purchase.

It can be hard to decide whether to buy or rent a storage container, but with the help of professionals, you can make an informed decision with all the information you need to make a wise, informed decision.

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