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Things to Know When Working With a Container Modification Company

Are you looking to hire a container modification company for your business or personal project? At first, it might seem like an overwhelming process. But once you get prepared and do a little bit of legwork, working with a container modification company comes with many benefits.

Shipping container modification company

At Secure Container Solutions, we want to assure you that we are a team of professionals you can trust. When it comes to shipping containers in Oakville, we have different sizes and colours to accommodate your project.

You must prepare your paperwork before approaching a container modification company to work with you. Once you’re ready, you can work with a container company. Read on to find out the most important things to know when working with a container modification company.

Shipping Container Companies That Are Open to Ideas

Whatever your project ideas are, shipping container companies are open to ideas. From opening a pop-up restaurant to building your dream container home, we value creativity. Our shipping containers in Oakville have developed personal relationships with our clients, as we understand that investing in a shipping container isn’t an ordinary investment.

1. Prepare a specific design

Before approaching a shipping container company, it’s best to have a specific design laid out. This design could come in construction blueprints, construction plans, exterior and interior plans, and working drawings.

If you’re planning to operate a business, you should also have a copy of the business plan to give to the shipping modification company. The more prepared you are with a specific design in mind, you can rest assured that the shipping modification company you work with understands the scope of your project and can deliver what you need.

2. Have building codes and permits

If you are planning a project on another continent or overseas, you should obtain a building code or permit for each location. Without the proper building codes or permits, the container modification company will not be able to start construction.

It’s important during the conceptual phase that you provide the container modification company with the correct permits that are necessary according to the locality’s rules and regulations. When you give us the building codes or permits, this information ensures we have the permission to move forward in the drawing phase.

3. Know the purpose of the shipping container

Shipping containers come in standard steel boxes that can be insulated or refrigerated. You need to take a look at your project and pick the best one for you. Consider the main purpose of the shipping container and what you are going to do with it.

If you need modifications, such as adding windows, floors, and doors, we recommend that you avoid refrigerated and insulated containers because they lose insulation once you start deconstructing the walls. We advise getting standard steel containers for modified containers as they can be easily re-framed and insulated.

4. Decide on what modifications are needed

Are you planning to perform the modifications on your shipping container yourself, or will you hire someone to do it? If you’re a do-it-yourself handy person, containers are easy to modify with the correct tools, like steel cutter and welding tools. However, container modification companies can help you install additions such as doors, windows, skylights, and AC/heat if you need assistance. Discuss any modifications with them during the conceptual phase.

5. Setting a budget

Along with having a business plan and specific designs, setting a budget is an important factor to present to the container modification company before they start working on your project. Ensuring you understand how the funds will be distributed throughout the project of your shipping container before construction starts will prevent any overspending many builders do.

Determining your shipping container’s size, quantity, and features will make up the budget and prevent overspending. You should also set aside a backup fund in case of any unforeseen expenses during the construction phase.

6. Each container is manufactured to order

Many container modification companies mass-produce a standard size shipping container which is usually 20ft. However, we understand that specific projects might need smaller or bigger containers to fulfill their needs.

When you decide to work with a container modification company, be sure to discuss the design and size you require for your project. You also need to tell them how many shipping containers you need and go over the dimensions of each so that they can create the order for the manufacturer. Ask them how flexible they are with their designs so you can get exactly what you need, not what the company wants to sell you.

7. Safe shipping

Once you have secured your shipping container order with the modification company, we have systems in place and use an experienced shipper to handle your containers. Rest assured that your shipping container is treated with the utmost care. If any damages occur, the container modification company has an insurance policy that will cover it, and you will still get your containers exactly the way you ordered them.

8. Future rust treatment

It’s important to know beforehand that all building materials like steel eventually begin to rust. During the construction phase of your project, when modifications are being made, some paint will be stripped away, leaving the metal exposed to the elements. You should prepare yourself to inspect your container every few months for rust and treat it for corrosion in the future to maintain the upkeep of your container.

9. Manage the entire process

Working with a container modification company gives you more control over your construction schedule as we use the latest technology to regularly engage with shippers and containers. On your end, you can manage the entire shipment process through your own logistics partner. Your container modification company will notify you as soon as possible if there are any delays ahead.

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