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Why Use A Portable Storage Container

If you are considering storing valuable or sensitive items, a transportable storage unit may be the best way to go. When you store something of this nature, you would be looking for something with durability, strength, and a container that is considered “military grade.”

Why Use A Portable Storage Container

Usually, these storing units are safe, secure, and can take some level of roughness and abuse both on the inside and on the outside. A unit at about twenty feet in height storage and upwards of about 5,000 pounds where a forty-foot storage container can weigh up towards about 8,000 pounds when empty. Yet, the most remarkable characteristic of a transportable storage unit is the amount of cargo that these storage units can house. A twenty-foot storage container can hold over 55,000 pounds. The forty-foot portable shipping unit can accommodate over 60,000 pounds of cargo as well. This clearly explains why the military would find ways to use them for various tasks.

Residents use this type of storage container for several reasons such as room renovations, decluttering the home, extra storing for the home office, or emergency storage. Companies find the various reasons for using transportable units for more than just storage. Some use them for onsite equipment storage for such companies as landscapers, construction, and other land work sites that need their tools on hand but easily stored at the end of the day. Additionally, companies may use this type of storage for temporary warehousing of products while they can easily exchange out their seasonal inventory or dry storage for excess equipment. Also, for office furniture and surplus supplies storage with many more whys and wherefores for portable storage use.

Canada’s experts in storing solutions, Secure Container Solutions has been in the large stowage industry for over 25 years. Over those years, SCS has always served commercial clients, but since 2007 we now serve residential clients as well. Their operational warehouses/offices are in the Greater Toronto Area, Edmonton, Alb., and Quebec where we have various sizes of units available.

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