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How To Use A Shipping Container For Your Pop-Up Shop

Shipping Container Pop-up Shop

Pop-up retail and dining has become increasingly popular. Business owners can now use social media and their online presence to create a following, and can use pop-up retail to bring their products to the people, rather than the other way around. While pop-up stores first became popular with small business owners who couldn’t afford the overhead of a long-term rental retail space, bigger companies such as Adidas and Tesla are now using pop-up stores to bring their products to the people, as well as to build buzz at major events.

Shipping container pop-up shops are also becoming trendy. Shipping containers are inexpensive, weatherproof, and easy to transport. Additionally, they can be easily customized, and can create a stylish, industrial look for your shop. There are many positive aspects to using a shipping container to make sales.

When designing a shipping container pop-up shop, you’ll need to apply your business’ aesthetics to the container itself. Shipping containers are endlessly customizable. You can even make them into works of art. They can be opened up to accommodate a range of customer experiences. A shipping container can definitely help you create a unique sales experience for your customers.

Shipping containers are also secure, and protect your merchandise against all types of weather, or against possible burglars. Shipping containers are easy to lock up at night, and don’t need to be reassembled every day.

When creating your shipping container pop-up, you’ll need an energy source. Many shipping container pop-ups use electrical generators to set up power and wi-fi, but there are also options for solar power. It’s important to check with the municipality on what kind of generator can be used.

Shipping container sales are a great way to create cool, easily customizable and transportable retail spaces. Your customers will be drawn in by the accessibility and the appearance of your shipping container pop-up, while you’ll love the convenience, affordability and simplicity.

A shipping container pop-up isn’t just about making sales. It’s also about increasing your brand visibility. Your pop-up should draw attention and stand out. Having an original look will draw people in, and even lead to free publicity through social media posts.

At Secure Containers, we carry every size and shape of container in the industry, in addition to specialty units. We also provide custom builds or modifications. We would be thrilled to help you realize your pop-up dreams, and help you modify a simple shipping container into so much more! Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.

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