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10 Industries That Benefit From Shipping Container Storage

Shipping containers provide a place to store everything from construction equipment to art supplies. Many industries use shipping containers as their only storage options because of their amazing benefits. Besides being air and watertight, shipping containers can be transformed into makeshift offices and even liveable spaces.

Industries That Benefit From Shipping Container Storage

The following 10 industries rely on shipping container storage every day:

  1. Hospitality: The hospitality industry involves different sectors such as restaurants and hotels. Shipping containers are being used in this industry to store supplies, food and even people because the containers can be converted into livable spaces.
  2. Auto: Tires and car equipment take up a lot of space. Rather than paying a storage facility to keep items for them, dealerships and automakers are using shipping containers as on-site storage rooms.
  3. Entertainment: The entertainment industry used to rely on trailers to house stars between takes. Now, some productions are using shipping containers instead because they are easy to clean and decorate and can even be equipped with plumbing.
  4. Storage: It will come as no surprise that the storage industry is making the move from attached units to shipping containers because they’re easier to maintain. Some storage companies even let you rent the container and take it home with you instead of having to store your stuff at their facility.
  5. Schools: Schools have been using shipping containers for years to store supplies and even create temporary classrooms during renovation periods.
  6. Construction: All large-scale construction projects require a field office to keep everything organized. Shipping containers are used as on-site offices so that the foreman can take care of paperwork and ensure everything runs smoothly.
  7. Oil and mining: The oil and mining industry takes workers to far-off locations. Shipping containers are used to create makeshift offices and employee “lounges” where workers can come have a bite to eat and relax during their breaks.
  8. Agriculture: Farmers and agricultural workers use heavy equipment like tractors to cultivate their crops. When there isn’t enough room in the barn to store their equipment, they turn to shipping containers instead.
  9. Landscaping: Landscapers require tools and equipment that can take up a lot of space. Instead of lugging it around from client to client in a fleet of trucks, landscapers use shipping containers to store their equipment.
  10. Retail: A new trend in the retail industry is pop-ups. These are shops that move from place to place to display a new collection or to give people a taste of what a particular store offers. Instead of renting a storefront, many retail enterprises use shipping containers as a cheaper alternative. You can decorate a container in any way you like and basically park it anywhere.

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