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4 Benefits of Shipping Container Vacation Homes

Shipping container homes have been growing in popularity over the last several years. Whether you’ve seen them featured on your favourite HGTV show or on one of those DIY YouTube homebuilding channels, you know they’re trending. 

4 benefits of shipping container vacation homes

We realize you may be thinking – why would someone want to live in a shipping container? Well, they are a great option for anyone looking to either downsize, live the tiny house lifestyle or build an affordable second home that can be used for vacationing year-round. 

Whatever the reasons are that are making you consider building a shipping container vacation home, you’ve come to the right place. 

Let’s explore some of the benefits of opting to build a vacation home using shipping containers. 

1. Affordability

This one seems a bit obvious, as downsizing of any kind tends to be cheaper than buying or constructing a full-standard house. However, when it comes to shipping container vacation homes, the option where you can save a few – possibly more – bucks is quite extensive. Consider the difference in site preparation, building codes, and material and labour costs, which all vary substantially in different geographical areas. 

In addition, your choice of materials and finishes will either help minimize cost or drive it up. Like any home, the type and number of high-end fixtures you decide to include will determine the budget costs overall. But typically, you should expect to experience a significant amount of savings compared to a regular structured house.

More often than not, shipping container vacation homes are completed as a labour of DIY love. By finishing many of the tasks yourself, the cost for certain types of contractors becomes minimal – increasing overall savings in the long run. 

As a result of the built-in weatherproof and structurally sound elements of shipping containers, the most difficult and expensive parts of homebuilding are covered upfront. Meaning you can focus your attention more on making a home than building one.

At Secure Container Solutions, our shipping containers for sale are aligned with the current market trends to ensure you receive the best price and materials available. 

2. Faster construction time

Making the decision to build a shipping container vacation home is a very exciting prospect that comes with nerves and an eagerness to move in. Luckily, the construction time on these types of projects tends to be much shorter than that of a traditional home.

Most shipping container vacation homes can be built in a couple of months. Now, like any home construction, the actual timeline will depend on zoning requirements in your area and the overall scope of your project. 

The bigger and fancier you want your vacation home to be, the longer it might take to get things just right. However, in most scenarios, you can expect upwards of 20 percent savings on the time it will take to construct your shipping container vacation home compared to building a standard home. Not only does this mean you will be able to move into your new home faster, but it also contributes to cost savings. 

You also have the option to purchase your home or shipping containers directly from a company that constructs them in a factory setting. Doing this means your on-site construction costs will be minimized and you’ll be able to enjoy your new shipping container vacation home sooner. 

Our selection of shipping containers for sale at Secure Container Solutions includes a wide range of specialty units that are perfectly suited to less conventional uses like building vacation homes. We understand the importance of sticking to a tight timeline, which is why our inventory is available for next-day delivery in Toronto, Edmonton and Montreal, to make your shipping container needs easier. 

3. Benefit from container designs

Shipping containers on their own are considered some of the most robust, structurally sound units available. Typically made from steel, you will have the benefit of a home made from one of the strongest and most durable man-made materials. 

Additionally, since they were traditionally designed to hold several tons of shipping goods, you’ll easily manage to fit all your belongings inside without worrying about the house falling apart or caving in. 

Another added benefit is that shipping containers are meant to be stacked on top of each other after being loaded for easier transportation. This means there is an endless possibility of designs and aesthetics you can choose from when constructing your shipping container vacation home. 

There are also some containers available with multiple doors. Some have a wide opening at the front with double doors on one or both sides, as well as an additional door at the rear. During construction, you can choose to leave one or more of these doors on, not only adding to the aesthetic by framing your doorways and windows, but also providing an extra degree of security and weatherproofing for your home. 

Secure Container Solutions is known for our custom modification projects, which are utilized throughout the country for countless applications – including using our shipping containers for sale to build your dream vacation home. Our team of creative consultants and container engineers have the expertise to make your vision a reality with a wide range of containers built with durability, optimized security and protection in mind. 

4. Environmental sustainability

By building a shipping container vacation home you are also actively making the decision to minimize your carbon footprint a bit more. There’s an excess of used and pre-built shipping containers available for you to choose from, which makes a shipping container vacation home an ideal upcycling project. 

Since shipping containers come fully constructed, additional materials such as bricks, cement or wood are not needed. Minimizing not only the cost of physical construction but also the potential environmental impact of collecting these materials for the build. 

The smaller square footage provided by the containers makes it easy for you to take up as little – or as much – space as needed to build the dream vacation home. Although bigger may seem better, the compact design of shipping containers is often ideal for individuals looking to build tiny homes. 

The stacking feature of shipping containers will also come in handy if you want to minimize the physical footprint of your vacation home while still having ample space to move around. Adding multiple levels not only allows you to take better advantage of the containers’ features but also leaves room for a more modern design to be built. 

Sustainability can be taken one step further as well by adding such things as solar panels, rainwater capture systems, or any other self-sustaining amenities you might want to include. 

Our shipping containers for sale at Secure Container Solutions are a great investment that you can get many years of use out of. Not to mention, if the time ever comes that you’re ready to move on and sell your vacation home, the containers come with great resale value making it easier to share the sustainable experience with others. 

Where Do I Get Started?

At Secure Container Solutions, we offer high-quality shipping containers for sale at unbeatable prices – guaranteed. 

To get started building your shipping container vacation home, call us today at 647-560-2745. 

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