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5 Common Myths About Shipping Containers

Considering the constant increase in construction projects, many people are turning to alternative solutions that won’t break the bank. There’s little surprise that temporary storage space and custom structures are more popular than ever, especially in a time when space is at a premium.

Shipping container myths

It is important to go into any decision with your eyes wide open, whether you are shopping for storage for your business, planning a long-distance move, or considering a building project.

Throughout the years, we have received a number of questions and heard many different assumptions about shipping containers. Here are the 5 most commonly held myths and misconceptions:

1. There are stacks of unutilized shipping containers just sitting around idly

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, 99% of all shipping containers were in use by global container fleets. Ocean carriers are struggling to find usable shipping containers everywhere because of a global shortage of containers. New shipping containers are being built at a pace not seen in recent years, but even this level is not enough to satisfy the growing demand for new containers worldwide. The shortage is driving up the cost of all new containers, thus causing shipping lines to stock old containers longer than ever before to fill their massive ships and meet freight demands.

Through large inventory levels and purchasing power, companies like Secure Container Solutions have been able to shield customers from most of these cost increases.

2. Building with containers is always more efficient

It depends on the requirements for each project whether this is true or not.The biggest benefits of shipping container construction are affordability and durability. You can certainly save money by building structures with shipping containers, which can reduce material costs and foundation requirements, as well as the amount of maintenance and upkeep that traditional wood or stone structures require.

The initial savings may be offset by additional costs, however, depending on the design plan you select, as well as upgrades and higher-end finishes you choose. Building a custom structure with a shipping container is not different from building a home or an office: you’ll need to consider the cost of land, permits and inspections, as well as any adjustments you’ll need.

3. I don’t want my things ruined in shipping containers

The contents of the box are safe and secure. If the container is sitting in one place for an extended period of time, or moved from one place to another, there are several factors that ensure the safety and preservation of your belongings.

Containers can be ventilated and weatherproofed by ensuring they have a minimum of two vents. In the interior of the container, tie-down hooks are provided on the outside, top and bottom, to secure your belongings during transit. Organizing and protecting your items is made easier with accessories such as block locks, shelving, and hooks.

It is important to note that certain items should never be stored in shipping containers, including hazardous, illegal, explosive, or flammable items. Similarly, propane tanks should not be stored, and equipment should be drained of gasoline or oil before being stored.

4. Shipping containers are not eco-friendly

Since you are repurposing something that would otherwise sit unused once its shipping life is over, shipping containers are often considered environmentally friendly and sustainable. Building from scratch with traditional building materials is more environmentally harmful than recycling containers and repurposing them as offices, storage spaces, and other structures.

The process of modifying or building with containers involves off-site construction, which provides the builder with the opportunity to reuse any materials unused from one project for others to come, thus reducing waste overall. Site prep is minimal when it comes to delivering and placing the modified structure. Structures can be placed directly on the ground without foundations if the ground is dry, flat, and level, reducing the carbon footprint that would otherwise be created by the production and pouring of concrete.

It is evident that building with shipping containers is a more sustainable option than most conventional building methods, not only for mobility, but for sustainability in general.

5. If I were to build a structure out of a shipping container, I might be able to do it myself

Only trained and certified professionals should conduct construction projects. During the remodelling process, many considerations must be made, such as the site on which the finished structure will be constructed, the size, type, desired result, zoning regulations, building codes, permit requirements, as well as any materials, equipment, or processes needed to complete this project.

Additionally, you wouldn’t want to expose your hard-earned money to the risk of investing it into a project, only to realize there were irregularities you weren’t aware of, and the structures fail to meet building codes.

When it comes to building a cabin, workshop, or any other custom structure using a shipping container, it’s imperative to work with reputable and experienced suppliers, builders, and local building authorities.

As with any major project or decision, do your research before committing to and starting your project. Consider the pros and cons, realistic timeline and cost expectations, and the people you will need to consult. We at Secure Container Solutions build all of our container structures to recognized standards and in accordance with the Canadian Building Code. Give us a call or stop by to chat about your project if you are in need of professionals.

Modifications Can Be Made to Containers in Many Different Ways

Shipping containers can be used for almost anything that goes into a standard building or home. The addition of electricity, plumbing, internet, windows, doors, and air conditioning to a container, either during construction or installation, are just a few of the many features that can be integrated into a container.

It is possible to modify a container in many different ways to meet virtually any business requirement. You can save a lot of money by using shipping containers, modular buildings, and similar structures for your worksite or business.

Are you looking for container offices for your new business, classrooms for a school, or lunchrooms for a large company? Modifying a shipping container modular structure exactly to your liking is our specialty!

A modular structure’s cost and delivery time will depend on how many modifications you need made to the container. Be creative, as it’s probably possible to make whatever you need.

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