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6 Benefits of Using a Shipping Container for Your Toronto Office

Whether you’re looking to expand on your existing office space or hoping to construct a new, modern design, purchasing a shipping container could be the solution. An environmentally friendly option for creating customized work units, you and your team can feel at ease knowing that the business’ operational requirements are being met. 

6 Benefits of Using a Shipping Container for Your Toronto Office

There’s been an increased interest in the use of shipping containers as office and commercial spaces over the last several years. Originally meant to store, hold, and transport large items on ships, these containers offer an ideal, spacious location to conduct your business’ day-to-day activities. 

If you aren’t sold yet on the benefits of using a shipping container for your Toronto office, then consider the following perks before making the final decision.

1. Customizable

As opposed to traditional office buildings, a major perk of shipping containers is that they are easier to customize. Coming in already fully formed shapes, you can receive the ideal size and diameters right away. This also means that if you want to add specific features such as windows, they can be cut directly out of the shipping container’s material. No matter what design concept you’re aiming for, shipping containers offer the necessary stability and versatility to achieve it.

Our shipping containers for sale in Toronto at Secure Container Solutions can be modified and customized at unbeatable prices to ensure that your space meets both the functional and design needs of an office.

2. Time-efficiency

Whenever you consider building an office space from the ground up, one of the first things you need to think about is time-efficiency. Having a clear timeline of when you want the project to be completed is essential, as this will help keep things on track and avoid unnecessary delays. It’s also important to optimize as many resources as possible, and keep construction costs to a minimum. 

Typically, building a traditional office space takes much longer than the original schematics predicted. When deadlines are extended, the costs and labour required increases as well. Delays, overall, will disrupt your operational plans, thus keeping you and your team out of the new space for longer times.

Shipping containers, on the other hand, provide a more time-efficient option when constructing your new office. Given that they come pre-built with your specifications already in place, the portable containers can be set up in days depending on the size and diameters you choose.

This typically takes a fraction of the time required to build a traditional office building from scratch. Not only does this improve time-efficiency, but it also minimizes other factors such as labour management, equipment costs, and procurement processes. 

Secure Container Solutions has every type of container available for sale or rent, making it easy to find the right options for your office space. Our shipping containers for sale in Toronto are designed to meet your needs, thus offering comprehensive solutions that are second to none.

3. Affordability

If you have a location large enough to house a shipping container, then they are a great option for both permanent and temporary office spaces. Depending on a few factors (including budget and timeline needs), you could decide to rent or buy a shipping container to convert into a convenient office space.

The structural design and self-supporting steel material of shipping containers make them ideal for reducing the construction costs when building a new office. This durability allows you to enjoy an affordable, weather-ready space. 

As part of our services, we deliver our secure units to the location of your choice where you’ll have access to your container for the duration of either the rental period, or permanently if you purchase it. Our shipping containers for sale in Toronto come in a wide selection of new and used options to help you find the most affordable unit possible.

4. Sustainability

As previously mentioned, shipping containers are made from sustainable steel materials, making them an excellent eco-friendly choice for your new office. Not only do shipping containers help you construct an ideal office space, but they also contribute to reducing your environmental footprint.

Repurposing shipping containers as alternative spaces (such as offices) ensures that they don’t end up being unused on a shipping port. Selecting a shipping container for your next office will also minimize the use of construction materials since they come prebuilt. 

At Secure Container Solutions, we provide clean, painted, and well-maintained storage units equipped with high-security lock boxes to ensure your valuables are protected. Our storage containers are designed to keep your materials and important documents safe.

5. Portability

It’s in the name: shipping containers are designed to be transported. An added benefit of constructing a shipping container office is that they are easily portable, meaning it can be located and relocated anywhere you want.

This makes them ideal for a wide range of businesses including construction sites, small offices, self-employed individuals, pop-up marketing kiosks, and event spaces. As your needs change, a shipping container office can quickly and easily change with you. 

Our team of qualified creative engineers know how to work with you to ensure your storage needs are being met, no matter the size or location of your project. Buying a shipping container means opening your business up to endless possibilities for office space designs and locations.

6. Spaciousness

Now, you might be thinking, isn’t a shipping container a little too small to house an office? Given the nature of their original purpose, not only do shipping containers come in a variety of sizes, but they are also spacious enough for most business operations. If you need additional room, the structural design of these containers make it easy to stack them or place them side by side.

Combining different containers together gives you the option to customize your office space as needed, either expanding onto an existing structure or modified as part of the initial construction. The stackability enables you to create multi-level offices or connect the shipping containers in interesting configurations. 

Our secure shipping containers are delivered to the location of your choice, thus offering easy and convenient ground-level access. You can even convert our units to a mobile office for your ongoing projects.

Where to Find Shipping Containers for Sale or Rent in Toronto

To learn how you can rent or purchase one of our secure shipping containers for your next office space, call Secure Container Solutions at 647-560-2745 or contact us online.

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