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7 Ways Shipping Containers Can Make Moving Easier

Moving houses can be stressful: from packing your stuff properly to transporting it with minimal damage if you have a lot of belongings, something is bound to go awry. Hiring a moving company can become costly, but you can alleviate some of that stress by renting a shipping container to help with moving your things to your new home.
Ways shipping containers can make moving easier
So what are the benefits of using a shipping container for your move? Let’s explore seven effective ways it can make moving a lot easier.

1. Shipping containers are cost-effective

If you’re on a tight budget and moving house, renting a shipping container is more budget-friendly than hiring a professional moving company. Instead of hiring professional movers, you, your family, and your friends can load your household items into the container and arrange your big furniture items to make more space.

Ultimately, when you decide to go with a shipping container to assist with your move, all you’re required to pay for is the shipping container’s delivery to your home and the price of renting or buying it. But if you decide to go with a shipping container company, they offer professionals to pack the container for you for an added cost. You’ll save money if you factor in this cost compared to hiring a moving company.

2. Shipping containers give you more time

If you don’t want to feel rushed to pack your things while moving to a new house, getting a shipping container can eliminate that pressure. Moving house is time-consuming, and a shipping container gives you more time to pack your belongings and organize them accordingly.

Plus, you can organize a moving schedule and pack things into your shipping container at your own pace. Once you’ve fulfilled your moving schedule and your shipping container is ready to be picked up, call your moving company to let them know it’s ready to be transported.

3. Shipping containers give you more security

Along with having more time to pack your things in a shipping container, you get more security. Once your shipping container is placed on your property, you and only those you decide to give access to have the key for the door and the locks. Once you’ve moved some furniture into it and are done for the day, you lock it up and go inside your house, knowing that your belongings are secure.

The next time you want to move things into it, you’ll be the one to unlock your shipping container’s door and put more stuff into it. On moving day, once it arrives on your new property, you’ll be responsible for unlocking the door – and no one else.

4. Shipping container companies offer flexible delivery options

Once you have decided to rent or purchase a shipping container for your move, you have total control over when you’d like it delivered to your home and during the moving process. If circumstances arise whereby you will need to delay your move, just contact the moving company you are working with to decide a new date.

If you’re not sure when your actual moving date will be, you can move all your belongings into it, and for a nominal fee, your moving company can hold it on their premises until you’re ready to move it to your new home.

5. Shipping containers provide safe and secure delivery

Not only do shipping containers provide extra security, but when you’re container is ready to be transported, the moving trucks that come to your home arrive with a specialized lift system that reduces unnecessary moving and shaking of your prized items. This specialized lift system secures your most fragile belongings such as vases, mirrors, glass tables and fixtures from breaking or cracking during transport.

6. Shipping containers fit a lot of stuff

The best advantage of having a shipping container while moving houses is that they can fit a lot of stuff. Not only are they ideal for moving out of apartments and starter homes, but if you’re moving out of a 3-bedroom home to an even bigger home, you can get a shipping container that can fit all your contents from your 3-bedroom house into one container.

It’s largely because shipping containers come in different sizes with various volumes. You can work with the shipping container to decide on the size you want to rent or purchase, as there are plenty of shipping containers that can accommodate your belongings. You don’t have to limit yourself to just one shipping container; you can even rent a second one if you need more space.

7. Shipping containers have flexible delivery options

A moving truck can’t cross oceans, so working with a shipping container company is your best solution, as they offer international delivery options. If you’re moving within the same country or internationally, a shipping container can give you peace of mind, as you won’t have to worry about transporting your belongings. The shipping container owners can arrange transport arrangements for your shipping container.

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These seven ways a shipping container can make moving easier can save money on moving expenses and keep you organized while preparing your belongings for transport. Having a shipping container on your property can make moving convenient as you’ll have ample space, and once you’re done, you can lock it up and have it transported to your new home and unload it right there and then.

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*Updated November 2023

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