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6 Important Things to Look For Before Renting a Commercial Shipping Container

Believe it or not, although shipping containers have been traditionally used for freight for many years, this is not the only thing they are good for. In fact, in recent times, commercial shipping containers for rent have been increasingly used as an alternative storage solution for people to rent or buy and store their personal belongings or business inventory. 

6 important things to look for before renting a commercial shipping container

Commercial shipping containers are sizable and versatile. Additionally, they can be placed anywhere, making them the perfect storage unit for many items, both big and small. These same features also make it possible to convert them into office spaces. As office space rental prices continue to increase, this trend seems to be on the rise too.

Although turning a commercial shipping container into a functional office takes more work in the early stages, it certainly pays off over time. Indeed, creating your own office space in a commercial shipping container is much more cost-effective than renting out office space elsewhere.

What are the most important factors to consider before renting a commercial shipping container?

Whether you need a commercial shipping container for storage purposes or intend to turn one into an office for yourself, some essential factors are worth considering before renting such a unit. Understanding these factors will help you evaluate various commercial shipping containers to decide which is best suited to your needs. 

The following are the most essential things to consider before you rent a commercial shipping container:

1. Container size

One of the most crucial aspects to consider before renting a commercial shipping container is its size. The standard sizes are 20’ and 40’ units. So, whether you intend to use the container for storage or as an office space, it would help to have an idea ahead of time of how much room you will need to avoid running out of space or having too much.

You may even want to make a list of all the items you intend to put inside the shipping container and map out the unit’s dimensions so that you can see whether everything will fit ahead of time.

2. Security features

Another significant factor is the safety and security of your items within the commercial shipping container. Therefore, it is important to consider whether the shipping container you are renting has security features, such as a padlock, or makes adding your own safety features easy.

Without such security in place, potential break-ins could occur, which can be disastrous, especially if you have valuable things in your container.

3. Wind and watertight units

It is vital to choose a sturdy shipping container that is both wind and watertight, meaning it can withstand any type of extreme weather, including wind, rain, snow, and sleet, without any leaks occurring. 

Not only should the seals of the container’s door be checked to ensure their integrity, but it would also help to inspect the interior and exterior of the unit to make sure there are no holes or cracks in the walls. Such damage could compromise its ability to keep both weather and pests out.

4. Portability

Although this factor may not be relevant for everyone, for some, it will be essential to ensure that the commercial shipping container is portable. If you intend to frequently move your shipping container from one location to another, you will want to ensure this will be possible.

For instance, if you are using the shipping container as an office space for your construction company and are planning to move from one construction site to another every few weeks, portability will have to be a top priority.

5. A flexible lease

Before you rent a commercial shipping container, take a good, long look at your lease agreement and ask any questions that come to mind before signing anything. 

In most cases, it makes the most sense to go with a month-to-month lease for more flexibility due to potentially changing circumstances. However, if you are confident that you will need the container for a longer period, then a long-term lease agreement is the more logical option.

In either case, it is important to make sure that you are getting value out of your lease and choosing the rental option that makes the most sense for your needs or those of your business.

6. The ability to adapt

If you intend to use your rented commercial shipping container for storage purposes, then you can probably use it in the condition that you get it in without any issues. However, if you plan on converting it into an office space or something similar, you will likely need to customize it to suit your needs. 

While some shipping container rental companies allow you to outfit the unit in various ways or add different features and make modifications, others may have rules against this. It is always better to check how your rental company feels about such matters in advance.

How Secure Container Solutions Can Help You Get the Commercial Shipping Container You Need

If you are searching for a shipping container for rent to use either as an alternative storage space or as an office, Secure Container Solutions can help you find the exact kind of unit that you need, just as we have been helping other businesses and residents for over 15 years.

We offer an assortment of comprehensive storage solutions that can be modified and customized to meet your needs. All of our shipping containers are clean, painted, and well-maintained, and they all come with high-security lock boxes to ensure that your things are kept safe at all times. 

We have a constant stock of both new and used ISO shipping containers, which you have the option to rent or buy. We will gladly deliver the container straight to your door and help you position it in a location where you will have easy ground-level access to it. If you are uncertain of the kind or size of container that would best suit your needs, our team of consultants will gladly guide you.

For more information about the different types and sizes of commercial shipping containers we provide or to learn about our rental agreements, call Secure Container Solutions at 647-560-2745 or contact us here.

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