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7 Ideas for Shipping Container Pop-Up Shops

As a business owner, you should always be on the lookout for new and effective ways to sell your products. If you want our advice, we recommend investing in a high-quality shipping container. Shipping containers do more than just store and transport goods, but can also be used as a pop-up shop to promote your brand. Plus, they allow you to take your business to any location of your choice.

7 ideas for shipping container pop-up shops

Are you interested in learning more about shipping container pop-up shops? The following article explores their purpose and benefits and how you can use them to scale your business for success.

What is a pop-up shop?

Even though the digital age is taking over, many customers still prefer having the option to shop in-person when possible. By offering a physical shopping experience, retailers are able to not only expand their sales, but also create meaningful connections that bring people back for more.

Now, that’s not to say business owners shouldn’t invest in e-commerce—it is growing after all. Even so, a pop-shop is an excellent alternative for e-commerce retailers to provide an in-person experience without needing to pay for the costs of a permanent location.

A pop-up shop is a small, often temporary space, where retail stores or food and beverage services sell their products. These are commonly found at trade shows and seasonal shopping events. However, in recent years, they’ve also started to be used as a marketing tactic that allows consumers to interact with exclusive products and events. 

Regardless of the purpose, it’s easy to find a suitable space for your pop-shop by using a shipping container. 

Fortunately, here at Secure Container Solutions, we have a range of sea cans for sale (also known as shipping containers) that are useful for various businesses

Why use sea cans as a pop-up shop?

As mentioned earlier, using a sea can as a pop-up shop offers many benefits that will allow you to connect with customers and watch your business flourish. Some of them include the following:


Shipping containers are easily modified to suit your unique vision. For example, you can add desks, coffee machines, fridges, or salon chairs to fit your needs. Windows, extra doors, and insulation can even be installed as well.


Sea containers are very convenient because you can relocate them as needed. As a result, this makes it easier for businesses to attend different events, markets, or malls.


Given that their initial purpose is to securely transport cargo across the ocean, shipping containers can withstand potential break-ins as well as severe weather, rodents, and other potential hazards.

Unique Experience

Using a sea can for your pop-shop helps create a unique shopping experience for your customers. You can easily bring together your personal vision and desired design, thus enabling you to create a trendy space for consumers to enjoy.

An Inexpensive Retail Space

Sea containers come with the option of purchasing a new or used unit, providing an inexpensive alternative compared to renting a physical retail space. Purchasing a shipping container as your pop-up shop is a great solution to keep costs low while still earning a profit. 

If you intend to place your shipping container where it will be particularly visible or need it to look presentable (like in a retail site or a public space), you should consider purchasing one of our sea cans. You can choose our new containers or go the more budget-friendly route by selecting a used model.

How to Use Sea Cans as a Pop-Up Shop

Shipping container pop-up shops have an endless amount of business possibilities. The following list includes some potential applications that business owners can consider:

1. Brick-and-mortar store expansion

Expanding into a new geographical market can be a great way to introduce your product and services to new customers. A shipping container pop-up allows you to test out potential expansion options without the expense or commitment of investing in another fixed location.

2. Transition from e-commerce to in-person sales

A shipping container pop-up shop gives you the opportunity to expand your e-commerce business into a physical location. This allows you to serve your customers face-to-face, creating a deeper connection between your business and the consumers.

3. Short-term or seasonal sales

As a business owner, you want to take advantage of every opportunity to make a new sale. This includes temporary sales that can happen during specific seasons. For example, you could set up shop near a summer tourist attraction or beach during the warmer months, and then relocate to a holiday market or event when winter comes.

In addition, a shipping container pop-up shop can provide your business with the extra retail space needed to thrive during peak business sales periods, such as the holiday season.

4. When permanent buildings aren’t an option

Some locations where you may want to expand your business might not allow permanent installments. These areas include farmers’ markets and college campuses, for instance. With a shipping container pop-up shop, you can connect with additional customers in places where a fixed store isn’t possible.

5. A test store

If you are starting a business or are finally moving from online to in-person sales, a shipping container pop-up shop can help you reduce the risk. By setting up a temporary location in the market you hope to explore, you can test out an area before investing in a permanent location. 

If your business is already established, a shipping container pop-up shop can enable you to test out a new geographical market.

6. An alternative space during renovations

Shipping container pop-up shops offer a great alternative during a business renovation. Instead of closing down completely—and possibly losing out on some business—you can open a temporary shop where customers can continue to visit and explore your products.

7. Concession stands and kiosks

Sea containers come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and dimensions. Whether you require a smaller container for something like ticket sales, or a larger, more spacious container for kitchen equipment or concession sales, there’s an option available for you.

The Process of Turning Sea Cans Into a Pop-Up Shop

Now that you know more about shipping container pop-up shops and their benefits, the following question might come to mind: How can I turn sea cans into a pop-up shop? 

The information below addresses this: 

  • Prepare a business plan: First, you’ll want to make a business plan for the pop-up shop. Knowing what you’ll be selling and where you intend to sell it will determine the type of shipping container you’ll need.

  • Know your budget: Having a reasonable budget for this new business venture will ensure there’s a clear-cut plan on how much can be spent on the shipping container.

  • Explore architecture and design: This is where your creative vision comes to life. There is a wide range of possibilities when designing a shipping container pop-up shop. In order to ensure your vision happens, consult with a professional. 

  • Purchase your sea can. Secure Container Solutions can help you with this step. Before purchasing your container, you will need to know the size, type, and whether or not you’re looking for a used or new unit. If you’re having trouble getting started, our team would be more than happy to assist you.

  • Install modifications. The final step will be adding any required modifications (such as windows, door frames, and insulation) that are necessary for the unit to function. 

Let Us Help You Find the Right Container for Your Business

Are you excited to set up your first shipping container pop-up shop? To learn more about the sea cans we have for sale or to request a quote, call Secure Container Solutions at 647-560-2745 or contact us online.

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