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Can Shipping Containers Be Used As Temporary Storage?

We never seem to have enough space when it comes to temporary storage. Shipping containers offer the perfect solution to this problem when renting a storage unit isn’t an option. In fact, shipping containers are often used as temporary storage spaces instead of storage units because they are more economical and can be placed anywhere, giving you easy access to your stuff.

Can Shipping Containers Be Used As Temporary Storage?

Choosing the right container for your storage needs

In general, shipping containers are durable. They are made of strong steel materials and corrosion-resistant coatings that can stand up to environmental conditions like extreme temperatures and heavy storms. Shipping containers can also be insulated to accommodate items that require refrigeration. For instance, if you are looking for temporary storage for a grocery store or butcher shop while it’s being renovated, a shipping container will be able to hold food stuffs without them spoiling. Remember that shipping containers are designed for overseas transport and can safely hold everything from heavy-duty construction equipment to crates of seafood.

ISO-certified shipping containers come in different sizes:

  • 10 feet

  • 20 feet

  • 40 feet

  • 45 feet

The container size you need will depend on what you are intending to store. For vehicles and heavy equipment, the bigger the better. Moreover, shipping containers offer flexibility and can be equipped with plumbing if needed or can be used as temporary office space. If you are running a construction company and need short-term office space while on a job, a shipping container will be able to accommodate your needs.

Modifying your container

Your storage container may require modifications in order for it to suit your temporary storage needs. Even if you are renting a used container for your temporary storage, it can still be modified. Shipping containers are built to last for up to 20 years (even recycled ones have a 10-year lifespan after use). Depending on where you get your shipping container from, it may be pre-cleaned. If not, you can easily clean the interior and exterior yourself with soap, water and other household cleaning products. You can also paint the outside/inside with your company logo and company colours.

Shipping containers are easy to transport and provide ample storage solutions whether you need something on or off-site. Please contact Secure Container for details about our shipping containers for rent or purchase. If you need temporary storage, we have the right container for you.

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