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How To Pack A Sea Container

Packing A Sea Container

If you’re relocating from one end of the country to another, or overseas, you may have rented a sea container to safely transport all your belongings to your new home. But, packing your entire household into a sea container—from clothes to sofas to china cabinets; from dishware to appliances to cherished heirlooms—can be a tricky task. To make this major packing a little easier, here are some tips.

Heavy Items First

Load up your couches, china cabinets, dining room table, appliances, and any other heavy and bulky pieces first. It’s a good idea to position your mattresses along the container’s sides to keep the furniture buffered. Keep one mattress aside to place against the door of the container once everything is loaded up.

Pack It Nice and Snug

As you place the furniture in the sea container, stack the lighter items on top of the heavier ones, and fill any gaps between the pieces with pillows, duvets, blankets, linen, bags of clothes—anything made of soft material. This buffering will protect the furniture against any bumping damage, as well as optimize the space.

Boxes Go Next

Cardboard boxes are so versatile, you can pack so many different things in them. They are also easy to stack and unpack. Still, it’s best to use newer boxes—ones that have been used many times before may break up during transport. Boxes should be packed tightly—avoid any looseness in a box. They should also be marked with their destination in the new location, to make your unpacking less of an ordeal. When stacking boxes, place the heavier ones on the floor, and keep each layer lighter than the one below it.

The “Irregular” Items

You will likely also have various items that will not fit into a box, and are not shaped to be stacked up—i.e. a vacuum cleaner, bicycles, or a lawn mower. Wrap these in bubble wrap and fit them in any nooks and crannies you can find within the load.  
Once all your possessions are in the container, place the mattress you kept aside in front of the load and lock it up.  Now, your sea container is ready to transport all your belongings to your new home! With all the turmoil and anxiety a relocation can bring, at least you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your well-packed sea container will deliver your cherished objects damage-free to wherever life takes you next.

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