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Sustainable Shipping: How the Storage Container Industry Is Working Towards a Carbon-Free Future

According to a report released by the National Centres for Environmental Information, the combined temperature of our planet’s land and oceans increased by an average of 0.14 degrees Fahrenheit (0.08 degrees Celsius) per decade between 1880 and 1980. Since 1981, however, this rate of increase has more than doubled to 0.32 degrees Fahrenheit (0.18 degrees Celsius) per decade.

Sustainable shipping: How the storage container industry is working towards a carbon-free future

This global warming crisis has already resulted in extreme and deadly weather events, forced displacement, the endangerment and extinction of several animal species, and food shortages in multiple places. Unfortunately, if the planet’s temperatures continue to rise at such rates, these consequences will only worsen.

One of the biggest contributors to these climate issues is carbon emissions. Activities such as burning fossil fuels and clearing forests contribute about 11 billion metric tons of carbon into the atmosphere annually.

The amount of future warming that our planet can endure depends heavily on how much carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses we emit in the coming decades. This is why it is crucial that industries of all types seriously consider how they are contributing to this problem and start working towards a carbon-free future through more sustainable practices.

If a global effort is made on all fronts to limit and eventually eliminate practices that involve the emission of carbon, we might curtail the extent of future effects stemming from the climate crisis. The stakes are very high, and if we do not act quickly, we risk losing the planet that we know and love.

How is the shipping industry working towards a carbon-free future?

As the push for eco-friendly and sustainable practices has ramped up recently, industries of all types have had to make significant adjustments to their practices to adapt to these changing times. As the backbone of the global economy, the shipping industry is a pivotal part of this puzzle.

Due to the sheer size of the shipping industry, it accounts for about 2.1% of global CO2 emissions, which means that significant changes will be necessary to move towards a better and more sustainable future.

Luckily, there are several approaches that the shipping industry has taken to reduce its carbon footprint and boost its sustainability to slow the intensity of global warming. These measures include the following:

1. Moving towards alternative fuels

One of the most significant problems that currently exists within the shipping industry is that the most popular fuel used by transport ships is heavy fuel. This is dirty and tar-like and is created by processing other leftover fuel types, making it incredibly carbon-intensive.

Fortunately, the shipping industry is trying to move away from this heavy fuel and towards more sustainable options. Although a ready-to-use zero-carbon fuel alternative has not been discovered yet, there are options being explored, including liquid natural gasses (LNGs), methanol, ammonia, and hydrogen.

Although LNGs are also fossil fuels, they are a low-carbon option. Combined with a cycle diesel/carbonate fuel cell, they could help vessels emit up to 80% less CO2. If a way is found to harness ammonia or hydrogen for use as fuel in shipping vessels, both of these fuel types will have zero CO2 emissions, making them an even more sustainable option.

2. Applying new and existing technologies

Another factor that will be incredibly significant in the push for increased sustainability within the shipping industry is both the application of innovative technologies and the repurposing of existing technologies. This could make a difference in the sustainability of transport ships.

There are a number of factors that have been proven to cut down CO2 emissions, such as energy-efficient ship designs, spinning rotor sails, and wind-assisted technologies. Once methods are found for cutting the production costs of these solutions, they can be applied on a wider scale.

Another technology that has previously been used in other industries, but is fairly new to the shipping industry, is onboard carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) technology. This tech uses special exhaust scrubbers to recycle carbon into synthetic fuels at onshore drop-off points.

3. Repurposing shipping containers

When it comes to transporting goods and materials long distances on shipping vessels, shipping containers have made a world of difference. These sturdy metal structures have been designed to withstand conditions of all types and extremities to protect their contents.

However, lately, shipping containers have also become a major part of the shipping industry’s efforts towards a sustainable future. Today, they are being repurposed and reused in various ways after serving their initial purpose, significantly reducing the industry’s carbon footprint.

Shipping containers have been used to construct various types of buildings, from pop-up shops to cozy homes and office spaces, as they have endless possibilities for sustainable architecture and design.

Shipping containers have also been increasingly used as an alternative storage unit option. Their strength and durability, spaciousness, and easy accessibility make them the perfect sustainable storage solution for all kinds of items, both big and small.

Upcycling shipping containers not only prevents them from being wasted after they can no longer serve their initial purpose, but it also prevents the need for new building materials to be produced. This is why this creative solution is good for the planet in various ways.

How Secure Container Solutions Helps Contribute to a Carbon-Free Future

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